Art Gallery

Welcome to my art gallery.

One short note concerning adult material: My gallery contains some pictures with nude bodies. I think that's ok because it is my gallery and my art. Some of you may disagree. That is their problem. If you don't like nudes then don't look at the nude-pictures. If you are younger than 18 please let your parents decide if you can go further.

One short note about commenting and critics: I would enjoy receiving a comment from you - even if it contains critics. Critics is vital to an artist because it gives him the chance to improve his abilities and techniques. But please keep in mind that there's a difference between criticism and insult.

One short note about my signatures: You will notice four different signatures on my pictures, depending on a) when I made them and b) the choice of motive. The first is a "K" which I used from 1999 until 2000 for all pictures. In 2000 I developed two characters whose names I used for signature. That's "Michiru" for all Manga-style (and a few other) pictures and "Raiida" for all Furry-related artwork. I used these from the end of 2000 until 2003. My current signature is a stylized K in a Frame, usually red. It is also used as a watermark for my internet-published pictures from now on.
Nevertheless, all of these pictures were done by the same person (me) and therefore are all copyright by me.

One short note about Copyrights: Someone once said: 'If others steal your art, that's the proof that you're a good artist.' I disagree! I put my pictures up here because I want to share the fun I had while creating them with you people. You may look at them, save them to your harddisk if you like them or even print a copy for your personal enjoyment. That's ok. It is NOT ok if you steal, alter, copy, use, publish or even sell them without my explicit written consent. If you do, I will take appropriate action to stop you!
On the other hand, if you want to use one of my pictures (e.g. for your personal nonprofit website) and you kindly ask me including all the details, there's a good chance I will say: 'OK, go ahead.'

But now, please enjoy my artworks: (Choose from the categories on the left)