Roleplaying Games

Welcome to my Roleplaying-pages!

Roleplaying Games (RPG) or more specifically "Pen & Paper Roleplaying Games" are a very important hobby for me and take up a significant part of my life. So it's probably no wonder that this section of the website is by far the largest - in German. In my continued effort to share the fun and excitement I had while playing RPGs I will try to translate as much of the content as possible, but please bear in mind that this is very time consuming and may take longer than planned. However, I am very glad that I finally managed to start this section in English as well and I will try to increase the content over time.

If you are new to RPGs there is a short and basic introduction to this amazing hobby. If you already played a game or two you may find the short reviews of my preferred systems helpful. If you want to dig deeper there's a list of many of the characters I play in various settings. Maybe you can draw an inspiration from them.

And then there's the adventures and campaigns. Right now there's only the adventures from my Star Wars campaigns of the last 10 years, together with some handouts. The original stories are more than 1.000 pages of text now which has been the main reason for updating the website and thus making online-publishing easier. I hope you will find the stories of our adventures in a far away galaxy exciting and fun to read, and maybe they can inspire other gamers and game masters to experience such epic adventures themselves.

All material that is presented herein, be it texts, pictures, maps or anything else is - unless explicitly mentioned otherwise - made and therefore copyrighted by me. You may freely use this material in your own pen&paper RPG sessions, if you like. If you would like to include anything from this site on your own website I ask that you send an inquiry via e-mail and clearly state the purpose and extent of your intended use. Any commercial use is explicitly forbidden.

But now, please have fun on my Roleplaying-pages.